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2014 Wedding Trends


Wedding trends are constantly evolving. Discovering whats currently hot will make planning your wedding much easier. Knowing these trends will also make it more likely that your guests are impressed with your wedding-planning talents as well. We’ve gathered a list of the season’s best wedding trends to ensure that your wedding is a success.


1. Vintage Aesthetic


People have grown fond of the romantic nature expressed in previous generations. Maybe it was watching all of those awesome party scenes from “The Great Gatsby,” but it seems like many current weddings have adopted the look and feel of the roaring 1920’s. Elegant dresses, fancy suits, groomed hair, fancy silverware, the list goes on. If this is the style you’re looking for, make sure to hire a photographer who has experience with this kind of event. There are some amazing photographs that can come from a classic-looking wedding, make sure you capture those precious moments.


2. Light Pink Bridesmaids Gowns


Brighter colors are coming back in style, and it seems the best-looking color for bridesmaids gowns is a light pink shade. The best part about this color is it works with many different color schemes. Furthermore, many women love this color, so it will be easy to convince the bridesmaids that its the color for them.


3. Big Bands Instead of a DJ


For about the past decade, it has been a more popular choice to hire a DJ instead of a band for a wedding. While hiring a DJ is usually easier and cheaper, having a live band play at your wedding will provide an unforgettable atmosphere. Also, having a live band is a great complement for many wedding themes, such as the vintage style discussed in the first point. It will be a larger investment, but its worth it. Look to hire a band far in advance of your wedding date. If you plan ahead, it will give you a chance to look at any upcoming shows they may have on their website. That way, when you decide on a band you like, you can have the opportunity to watch them play live first before hiring them.


4. Bouquet Trends


In the past, it was very popular to have a wildflower style of bouquet for the bride. The same could be said about floral arrangements throughout the ceremony. Now however, the style is leaning more towards an elegant look. Roses are a great way to achieve this look.


5. Cake Design


Until recently, it was almost sinful to have anything except a plain-white wedding cake. Now though, bold colors and intricate designs are becoming the style. Don’t be afraid to push the limits and make a statement with your cake. Be creative, but make it personal.


6. Gold Decor


When it comes to silverware at your reception, gold is making a huge comeback. Don’t be afraid to use a gold color on the silverware you use. It will look great with almost any theme, and the bold colors will impress your guests!

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