Banquet Hall Décor Breakdown

Banquet halls serve as an ideal location to host many event types, including everything from wedding receptions to corporate award ceremonies. With such a broad range of potential events able to be held in a banquet hall, the beginning stages of decorating what appears to be a blank canvas may seem like a daunting task. Not to worry though because decorating a banquet hall can be a simple, and even fun, undertaking as long as you have the tools you need.

Whether you are hosting a business or social gathering, some decorations are must-haves regardless of the event type.

LinensBec- Liniens

Linens are an essential decorative piece for any event. When choosing linens, be sure to stick with the color palette that you have determined for your gathering in order to make the banquet hall visually appealing for your guests. Linens, such as tablecloths, chair covers, chair sashes, and napkins for dining, are practical pieces that have the ability to provide fun splashes of color for parties or more muted and neutral tones for professional, business events. The linens you choose for your event have the power to make a statement as well as guide you in a specific direction for further banquet hall decorations.


LightingBec- Memories 5

Even though banquet halls are
well-lit spaces, additional lighting can place an extra emphasis on certain objects or speakers, provide a colorful accent, or simply add a fun, decorative touch. Lighting can easily change the atmosphere of a room allowing you to create a space that fits the vibe you wish to portray. A focused beam of light can highlight a speaker at a business conference, colorful or flashing accents of light provide a club-like ambiance perfect for quinceaneras or sweet sixteens, and decorative lighting such as hanging bulbs, candles, or light-projected wall designs can add a special touch sure to bring your event décor to the next level. Fortunately, Banquet halls are well suited for many types of ceiling-oriented decorations, so lighting up your room properly with well-lit, beautiful lights shouldn’t be a task. Your imagination can take care of the lights while the banquet hall provides the canvas for your decoration.


Social Event Must-Haves!

Social events are meant to be fun-filled, memorable experiences full of smiles, laughter, dancing, and more. In order to ensure that your next social event is nothing less than an unforgettable time, it is important to create an atmosphere that sets the tone for your event through decorating your banquet hall and allowing your personal style to shine. Decorative pieces such as flowers, centerpieces, banners, streamers, confetti, and balloons add color and
excitement to a banquet hall that may otherwise be uninteresting or ordinary. Flowers and centerpieces not only beautify the space, but allow you as the host to exhibit your own unique style. A banner can showcase the reason for an event and read out “Happy Birthday!,” “Congratulations!,” or other phrases. Streamers, confetti, and balloons add pops of color to match the palette you’ve chosen and can provide the finishing decorative touches to your banquet hall. For social events in particular, a dance floor may be appropriate. Events including parties, weddings, quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, high school dances, and more commonly feature a dance floor for guests to enjoy the music and show off their dancing ability. Décor at social gatherings establishes the foundation for the event and can be the determining factor as to whether your event is an experience that you’ll remember forever or a night that leaves no lasting impression. Remember, banquet halls are venues typically associated with level of quality, so feel free to utilize this attribute with imaginative and flamboyant decorations.

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Business Event Must-Haves!

Business and corporate events are typically conducted very professionally and have a direct purpose. Fortunately, banquet halls are flexible venues that are perfectly suited for this type of important event. In order to transform a banquet hall into a professional space suitable for a room full of executives, you must have the proper tools to ensure that your event is nothing short of a booming success. For business gatherings and conferences, a stage with appropriate equipment is a must.  A stage provides a platform for speakers to convey their message and connect with their audience, but in order to have the complete package, a podium, microphones, and speakers are also necessary factors. For presentation purposes, a projector and screen may be required as well. Banquet halls are very large and spacious, and able to provide an area suitable for this type of setup.

Banners and signage are also highly important at business functions, especially when your guests are consumers or other businesses interested in your product or service. Banners and signs are a visual method of displaying your company to your audience and have the capability to grab their attention and reel them in. It is key to equip your banquet hall with the necessary audiovisual tools, banners, signage, and other handouts in order to guarantee a successful and professional event. Fortunately, banquet halls will provide the type of structure that will properly display these features.

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