How to Pick the Perfect Venue

Whether it is you who is seeking a venue for a professional business event or entertainment purposes here is a reference guide to ease some of the load off your chest. Planning a special event could be stressful and hectic at times to say the least, especially when you don’t know how to start. Rest assured we are here to help with the step by step of how to pick the perfect event space.

The most crucial aspects are location, venue and services. So make sure you keep an eye out for these features on your visit of the site.


  • Proximity to public transportation, major airport?
  • Does the event location offer convenient access to hotels, local attractions and entertainment possibilities?
  • Is the location easily reached for attendees?
  • Is the building visible to the public or isolated?
  • Are there banners, freeway sign or commercial sign to promote your event?


  • Are the space and rooms at the event center flexible for hosting business meetings, social events, workshops, expos or tradeshows?
  • Does the event facility meet your group’s capacity? Is it more for small or large groups?
  • Is there a staging area for caterers?
  • Is the facility fully air-conditioned?
  • How many bathrooms are there at the event facility?
  • Is there a large enough onsite parking lot to accommodate your guests?
  • Is there audio/visual equipment available?
  • Does the standard of the building condition reflect the professional image of your company or the dynamics of your entertainment event?
  • Check the grounds, interior/exterior paint job and facility’s décor.
  • Are there any available furniture, podium, whiteboards, projectors, TVs?
  • Are there enough outlets?
  • Are there flexible layouts seating options? Ex: Theatre, exhibit, seminar, banquet, presentation room.
  • Are there any visual obstructions within the rental space ex: column, pillar?
  • Is there anything that you particularly like about the venue?


  • Is there any catering restrictions?
  • Are there different catering options available regarding outside catering company?
  • Does the venue offer Wi-Fi internet access?
  • Are there any event marketing services to create a buzz for your event?
  • Does the venue produce a hybrid-event; a mix of face to face physical event with a virtual interactive components?
  • Is there video hosting offered?
  • Is there a community calendar listing for your event?
  • Is the staff responsive and knowledgeable?

The list below provides a general idea of where to start, what to look for while at the same time bringing you closer to reaching your vision of the perfect setting for that all important event.


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