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Popular Wedding Themes


Its no secret that weddings are very happy occasions. They are very personal to plan, therefore resulting in an endless amount of themes to choose from. With so many options available, we thought it would be a good idea to narrow down the list and present some of our favorites.


1. Beach


Very popular in the summertime, the beach theme offers a refreshing style that people love. This style generally works well with bright colors and tropical food and drinks. Having it actually be at the beach also offers an amazing sunset background for the ceremony and photo opportunities. Seashells are a great suggestion for decorations as well.


2. Picnic


This theme is a great option that is both affordable and adorable. Plaid designs on the tablecloths and picnic basket centerpieces are all popular picks. If your caterer is flexible, ask them to prepare the guests’ lunches in individual bags or containers. The names of each guest can be written on their package to offer the personal picnic touch.


3. Retro


Retro weddings are incredibly fun to plan and will be loved by young and old generations alike. Vintage stores and thrift shops will be great places to start looking for supplies. Be sure to keep the retro aesthetic in all aspects of the wedding, such as the invitations and centerpieces. Look into retro fashion to find the look that suits your style best.


4. Worldly


Adventurous couples love this theme. The whole idea is to appear well-traveled: maps, globes, travel tickets, and so many other items can be used for decorations. When sending out invitations, include any extra information the guests may need to know (for instance, including the menu is a good idea because an international theme has a vast array of options available).


5. Rock n’ Roll


This theme is quite popular with couples who love and value music. Rock n’ roll is a broad genre and it can be adapted to suit the personality of the couple. From glam rock to punk rock and classic rock, there are tons of styles that can be used to make a successful wedding. Darker colors are popular with this theme, groomsmen may also consider wearing converse instead of dress shoes.


6. Cherry Blossoms


Cherry blossoms are beautiful and popular, why not build a wedding around this theme? Pink and red will be the prevalent color for decorations, also be sure to include plenty of flowers to strengthen the theme even further. If you are looking to have even more of a Japanese feel to the wedding, consider including paper lanterns and many candles.


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