Preparing for the Big Day

The moment you’ve been waiting for has happened, the engagement! You are beyond excited to start a journey with the love of your life beside you. Once you have given the engagement time to sink in, announced the news to relatives and friends, it is time to start planning for the big day! If you intend to save money, the earlier you start the better!

Wedding calendar


Budget- Before anything, decide on a budget and how you will be paying for the big day. Will the two of you pay for everything or are the parents helping out? Decide which things are most important whether it be finding the perfect dress, venue, or photographer.

Event Planner- If feasible, every bride should have a wedding planner helping her throughout the process. Weddings can be extremely stressful so having someone experienced there can make a huge difference.

outdoor weddingVenue- Popular wedding venues can be booked a year in advance so it is important to make the location one of your top priorities. Each venue has a different capacity, and some may offer additional services such as catering, etc.


Budget-friendly- Many less popular places may be worthwhile and save you a lot of money. Think creatively about where you would like your wedding. Some places such as restaurants and parks may be less expensive. Also, Saturdays are always the most popular wedding days therefore any other day may be cheaper to book. Having the reception at the same location can also cut some costs.

Guest list- After figuring out the venue capacity, it is time to start selecting who to invite. Remember: The more people you invite, the more table settings, invitations, food, drinks, favors, etc you must purchase.
Budget-friendly- Be smart when selecting your wedding guests, consider keeping it smaller with only your close friends and family to save money.

bridal-wedding-dressThe Dress- One of the reasons people turn into “Bridezillas” is the frustration of finding the perfect gown. The earlier you start shopping, the less stress you will endure.
Budget-friendly- Consider buying a sample sale or used dresses which can be just as amazing as a custom made one.

DJ- There are so many individuals who are talented at Djing. Be sure to explore your options, you do not have to pick the best in town. There are many Dj’s who will cater to your needs and style.
Budget-friendly- Have a friend or family who is experienced DJ for your event


Décor- From the table settings to the wedding favors, decorations are a key part of any wedding and can get pricey.
Budget-friendly- If you are creative and know exactly what you want then do-it-yourself projects may save you more money. Do not overwhelm yourself but if you have the time and eye for décor, you can give your wedding a personal touch with a few hand-made decorations.

table decor

Caterer, Florist, Cake, etc. – These are all necessities that take an additional amount out of your budget. Do not forget to set aside budgets for each of them.



Overall, there is a never-ending list of what to include on your big day. Each wedding is unique and you have full control of its agenda. Just remember, there are always a few worthwhile shortcuts to save you money here and there.

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