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Unique Wedding Dessert Ideas


Although the tradition of having a huge cake for a wedding is classic, many couples are choosing to break away from the mold. There are plenty of other great options for desserts that will leave your guests pleasantly surprised. Here are some ideas to make your wedding dessert stand out from the pack.


1. Pie Table


A popular replacement is having a pie table. Essentially, its a big table with an assortment of pies laid all across it. The variety of flavors will leave every guest satisfied, ensuring all of your guests leave happy.


2. Donuts


Donuts are one of the trendiest treats nowadays. Having a table filled with a variety of donuts is not only unique, but it presents a wide array of options for your guests to choose from. Chocolate, glazed, powdered, jelly-filled, etc. The options are endless!


3. Cake Pops


Cake pops are extremely popular. They are smaller and easier to handle than a full-size cake, however they are just as tasty and good-looking. Cake pops are also significantly easier to serve to guests, leaving not only your friends happy, but you as well.


4. Ice Cream Sandwiches


An assortment of ice cream sandwiches just sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Although these are an excellent treat, make sure that you have some method of keeping them cold. It would be a shame if the dessert everyone was excited for melted before they had a chance to eat it!


5. Candy Table


If nothing else, candy is the ol’ reliable. Everyone loves candy, so having a table covered in it seems to be a safe bet. It has gone over well at many past weddings and yours would be no exception.

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