10 Do's and Don'ts as a wedding guest

Wedding Etiquette – 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Are you having a wedding to go to but are not sure about the wedding etiquette? The following are 10 do’s and don’ts for all those wedding guests.

10 Do's and Don'ts as a wedding guest

10 Do’s and Don’ts as a wedding guest



(1) Be on time. Leave yourself plenty of time for to get to the venue so that you can arrive at the wedding ceremony on time.

(2) Turn off your cell phone.  Put your cell phone on vibrate or simply turn off it. Don’t let your personal call interrupt someone’s once-in-a-lifetime moment.

(3) Pay attention to the dress code. Wearing black dress  at weddings means you disapprove of the marriage. Don’t wearing red, because people may think you try to take attention from the bride. Another color to avoid is white, but ivory is fine. 

(4) Prepare wedding gift from the gift registry. Do the couple a favor by buying your wedding gift from their registry because they will actually use those items. Prepare it early!

(5) Follow the seating plan. You may sit on those reserved seat which are designated for family and special guests. So please follow the seating plan!



(1) Don’t complain about the food. Even if you don’t like the food, you can choose to go someplace else to eat. Don’t complain about the food portions given to you. 

(2) Don’t be disrespectful of the wedding traditions. Although you don’t quite understand the couple’s religious or cultural traditions, just be quite and pay attention their rituals.

(3) Don’t leave until the wedding cake is cut. Rushing home because there is a long way to go? It’s an old rule that you’d better not leave until the wedding cake is cut.

(4) Don’t bring a guest who is not in the invitation.  Leave your boyfriend at home if he is not in the list of the wedding invitation, this also includes your children. 

(5) Don’t drink too much. Sure, you can enjoy yourself at a wedding.But drinking too much will embarrass yourself!

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